Former NRCC executive director Rogers launches consulting firm

John Rogers, the former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, is launching a new political consulting firm with veteran ad-maker Jason Meath.

The new firm, Torchlight Strategies, will offer political ad-making and general consulting services to Republican clients and will also seek some public affairs work.

The business launch marks a new chapter for Rogers, who spent eight years at the NRCC, culminating in his two-year stint as executive director, the committee’s top staffer, in 2017 and 2018. Meath’s political record includes making ads and videos for candidates and outside groups in House, Senate and gubernatorial campaigns across the country in the last two decades, as well as President Donald Trump’s 2016 convention and 2017 inauguration.

Torchlight’s website promises to “illuminate” winning paths for political candidates, and Rogers said in an interview that his experience at the NRCC will inform the new firm’s approach — especially his history digging into the data of the House battlefield. Rogers created the NRCC’s in-house data and polling departments during his time at the committee.

“When you’re at the committee for that amount of time … you get well under the surface of different aspects of campaigns,” Rogers said. “You get deeper into the elements of planning and all the elements of winning races,” including “the use of data and how to translate that into English and make it actionable.”

“It allows me to see the creative process from a different perspective than people who don’t have that data foundation,” Rogers continued.

Rogers and Meath met in 2012, when Rogers was a regional political director at the NRCC and Meath was making ads for then-Rep. Chris Gibson (R-N.Y.).

“We hit it off, and we’ve been friends ever since,” Rogers said.

Article originally published on POLITICO Magazine

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