Wray sworn in as FBI director

Christopher Wray was sworn in as FBI director on Wednesday, taking the helm of the agency after its previous director, James Comey, was abruptly fired by President Donald Trump in May.

“It is the honor of a lifetime to serve as director,” Wray said in a statement after he was sworn in by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “I long ago grew to know and admire the FBI from my earliest days as a line prosecutor to my years as assistant attorney general.”

“I am excited, humbled, and grateful, therefore, to have this chance to work side-by-side again with these fine professionals for the good of the country and the cause of justice,” he added.

Wray, a veteran of George W. Bush’s Justice Department, was easily confirmed by the Senate on Tuesday, in a 92-to-5 vote.

During his confirmation hearing, Wray repeatedly pledged to act independently of the White House. He assured lawmakers that he had not taken an oath of loyalty to Trump, as Comey has alleged the president asked of him, and said he would adhere to the law and the Constitution.


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