White House enlisting conservative groups to pressure GOP senators on health care bill

The White House is quietly seeking to pressure senators to support the GOP health care bill with a network of grassroots and pro-life organizations.

President Donald Trump’s legislative affairs team has asked a number of conservative groups to score next week’s vote — or judge members and their re-election campaigns based on whether they support it. They have told the groups they want to keep pressuring members, two people familiar with the conversations say, even if the vote fails next week.

Leading the conversations has been Paul Teller, a former aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) who has been serving as the main liaison to conservatives in the White House.

A number of the groups are expected to meet with White House aides Friday afternoon and announce they will do so afterwards, two people familiar with the planning said.

How many groups will attend was still fluid Friday morning, but West Wing officials and others outside said to expect a mix of social and fiscally responsible grassroots groups.

White House officials are privately skeptical the bill will pass next week — but say they will keep pushing to repeal the law even if the vote fails. "The president wants something to happen," one of these people said. "He’s tired of nothing happening. He wants movement."


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