Chris Collins: ‘Standard legal practice’ for Trump lawyers to scrutinize Mueller’s team

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) said Friday morning that it’s “fairly standard legal practice" for President Donald Trump’s lawyers and aides to scrutinize special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team.

“If you’re going to be sued or are sued, you’re always going to look for conflicts with the judge, with prosecutors, with witnesses,” Collins said. “I think this is nothing more than standard practice when you’re involved in litigation or potential litigation.”

He said if anybody on Mueller’s team could possibly present bias, such as if relatives of investigators were previously involved in litigations against Trump, they should be removed.

“Clearly if somebody had an axe to grind… they are then going to push the envelope,” Collins said. “There could be somebody here that had been speaking out – and we know about his tax returns – that’s going to use this as some way to get at those tax returns.”

Collins thinks requesting tax returns from Trump would cross a line, since personal financial disclosures – which Trump released – are more informative. And regardless of what is on the tax returns, Collins said that Trump can legally have investments in Russia.

“It’s just this president has a very complex business relationship around the world, but he’s been clear – the president has been clear – he doesn’t have those relationships,” Collins said. “Let’s face it, the president is not subject to the normal ethics issues when it comes to business.”


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