Highlights: Sanders briefs press after Trump’s criticism of Sessions over Russia

The White House continued its string of off-camera briefings on Thursday, the day after President Donald Trump criticized his own attorney general for recusing himself from the ongoing Russia investigation.

Trump said in an interview with the New York Times that he never would have hired Jeff Sessions, one of his staunchest campaign supporters, as attorney general had he known he would recuse himself in the Russia investigation. He also warned special counsel Robert Mueller against investigating the Trump family’s finances.

The White House has not given an on-camera briefing since June 29.

Here are the key moments from principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ briefing.

Two screens lit up with the phrase "MAGANOMICS" as Sanders took the podium, a play on Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again. After offering the administration’s prayers for Sen. John McCain, she introduced Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. She noted that Mulvaney’s birthday is tomorrow, and she joked that the Congressional Budget Office, a target of Republican ire, estimates he will be turning 75. Mulvaney will turn 50.

Maganomics is a "unifying theme of just about everything that we do," Mulvaney said, with the aim of achieving 3 percent economic growth.

"Some people don’t want you to remember what 3 percent growth looked like," Mulvaney said.

Trump’s administration has eliminated 16 major regulations while only introducing one, Mulvaney said.

He claimed the Obama administration had a "secret list" of regulations that were not released to the public, though he gave no details. He said the White House would be releasing the list.


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