Trump blames Dems and ‘a few Republicans’ for Obamacare repeal breakdown

President Donald Trump on Tuesday blamed “a few Republicans” and “all of the Democrats” for the break down in Senate negotiations to repeal and replace Obamacare, pledging that efforts to make good on the GOP campaign promise will continue.

“We were let down by all of the Democrats and a few Republicans. Most Republicans were loyal, terrific & worked really hard. We will return!” Trump wrote on Twitter Tuesday morning. In a second post, the president hinted at his next strategy, writing, “as I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!”

Trump’s stated goal of repealing and then replacing his predecessor’s signature healthcare legislation appeared out of reach for the time being, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced that his caucus had been unable to reach a compromise to move forward on a procedural vote on a healthcare bill. Instead, McConnell announced, the Senate will vote on a so-called “clean repeal” that undoes Obamacare without immediately putting into place legislation to replace it.

The prospect of a repeal now, replace later approach began to surface in recent weeks as prospects for a compromise in the Senate grew increasingly dim. Republicans in both the House and Senate easily passed a clean repeal bill in 2015 that was vetoed by then-President Barack Obama, and a return to a similar bill has been suggested as a way for the GOP to make good on its long-held campaign promise to do away with Obamacare.

Such a strategy would seemingly find a willing participant in the White House.

“Republicans should just REPEAL failing ObamaCare now & work on a new Healthcare Plan that will start from a clean slate. Dems will join in!” Trump wrote.


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