Pence makes plans to visit India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended an invitation to Vice President Mike Pence to visit the country, and Pence said to applause Tuesday during the U.S.-India Business Council’s 42nd Annual Leadership Summit that he is making plans to accept the offer.

“In fact, I told him when I was governor of Indiana, one of my ambitions was to be the first governor from Indiana to visit India,” Pence quipped during his keynote address. “I didn’t get it done then, but the Prime Minister and I had a nice chuckle, because he told me that the words ‘India ana’ mean coming to India.”

He said the U.S. plans to collaborate with India on topics such as terrorism and commerce, eventually aiming to quadruple the two-way trade between the countries. President Donald Trump and Modi met for the first time on Monday, and the summit was a coincidence that it happened the following day.

Pence said he sat in on most of their meetings, which he called a “historic and productive time.”


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