45 After Dark: Ban Still Banned edition

President Donald Trump’s new travel ban is still banned from taking effect.

A revised executive order, designed to assuage some of the legal concerns of his first effort, suffered a fresh setback today as the 9th Circuit court of Appeals upheld an injunction that has kept most of the order from coming into place.

“Trump ‘exceeded the scope of the authority delegated to him by Congress’ to oversee immigration, the court ruled in an opinion jointly issued by Judges Michael Hawkins, Ronald Gould and Richard Paez—all appointees of President Bill Clinton,” per POLITICO’s Josh Gerstein.

Amid that tangible setback, Trump wants more credit for getting things done.

“Despite his pronouncement Monday that his presidency has been one of the most productive so far, his three major legislative pushes — on health care, taxes and infrastructure — all remain in the early stages nearly half a year into his presidency,” POLITICO’s Josh Dawsey and Matthew Nussbaum report. “His promised border wall has not been funded, his travel ban was blocked by the courts and his first budget proposal was deemed dead on arrival even by allies.”

Trump has tired of ongoing coverage of Russia probes (a trend that’s unlikely to break, amid supporters musing about firing special counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions set to testify to Congress tomorrow). As one official put it, Trump "wants wins all the time," the official said.

Elsewhere in Trump’s orbit:

THIS MATTIS TO ME: Defense Secretary James Mattis scolded Congress for moving too slowly on a budget, saying it is contributing to the Pentagon’s budget woes.

NOT MNUCH TIME: Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin says the government can go until about September before Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling.

MOUNTAIN OUT OF EMOULE HILL?: The district attorneys of Washington, D.C. and Maryland filed a lawsuit today that accuses President Trump of violating provisions of the Constitution intended to protect against corruption.

NO SERVICE: Secret Service says it has no tapes of President Trump’s interactions in the Oval Office — but can’t rule out the possibility someone else has recordings. (The Wall Street Journal)

TRIBUTE ALBUM: President Trump’s first Cabinet meeting was full of praise for President Trump. (The New York Times)

And there you have it. You’re caught up on the Trump administration. That was Monday.


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