Aide: Trump’s mood ‘light’ as Comey testimony unfolds

President Donald Trump decided the night before former FBI director James Comey’s Senate testimony that he would not live-tweet his rebuttal, according to two White House officials.

“‘Why would I?’ Trump told aides on Wednesday night, according to a senior White House official.

Trump watched the hearings from the White House dining room surrounded by aides and lawyers who went in and out of the room as the hearing went on.

A senior aide described Trump’s mood during the hearing as “light.”

White House staff have tried to limit Trump’s tweeting in recent weeks, and some were initially concerned that the president would feel compelled to respond directly to Comey’s claims, especially if he was disappointed with the communications response.

That effort is being orchestrated by the Republican National Committee, with help from Trump’s former communications director Michael Dubke.

While Trump stayed off Twitter, his oldest son Donald Trump Jr. stepped in Thursday to offer his running analysis of Comey’s testimony, a move that the senior aide described as “spontaneous.”

“Knowing my father for 39 years when he ‘orders or tells’ you to do something there is no ambiguity, you will know exactly what he means,” Trump Jr. tweeted in response to Comey’s claims that he believed Trump was directing him not to continue his investigation of former National Security advisor Michael Flynn.


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