De Blasio fundraises off Kellyanne Conway tweet

Mayor Bill de Blasio is attempting to fundraise for his re-election campaign by drawing attention to a Twitter attack made against him by Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Trump.

On Tuesday, de Blasio’s campaign sent out an email titled, "When Kellyanne Conway attacks," noting that Conway on Monday "took to Twitter to rally Trump supporters against the mayor," and calling on donors to "chip in $3 to Mayor de Blasio’s re-election campaign today as a way of saying there is no way we are going to let the Trump Administration put one of their own into this city’s mayor’s office."

In fact, Conway’s tweet was making fun of the mayor’s much-remarked upon gym routine. Conway said of de Blasio in a tweet: "An elliptical thinker that has his city on a treadmill…working out or out working?"

The fundraising missive is one of several the de Blasio re-election campaign has sent out highlighting de Blasio’s differences with the Trump Administration and trying to tie de Blasio’s potential opponents to the president.

"Here’s the truth: Trump’s team knows how damaging it would be if they can somehow put an anti-worker, anti-immigrant candidate into the mayor’s office. So they’re going to try. And that’s why Mayor de Blasio needs your help," the fundraising email said.


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