Franken reported a $332,750 advance for his political memoir

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) pocketed $332,750 in an advance for his latest book, “Giant of the Senate,” released this week, according to personal financial disclosure records.

The advance, included in Franken’s financial disclosure forms filed May 15, was paid by Grand Central Publishing. Franken’s book was published by Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central.

The Huffington Post reported in 2015 that Franken’s book deal was worth at least $1 million. Aides to the Minnesota senator did not immediately comment Friday on whether the money listed in Franken’s financial disclosures, filed last month, was a portion of a fuller advance.

Franken’s disclosure give little details on the financial terms of his book deal with Grand Central, which was inked in April 2016. The forms say Franken is getting an advance and royalties “based on customary and usual terms for a memoir.”

The second-term Minnesota senator has recently been on a whirlwind publicity tour for “Giant of the Senate,” a political memoir from the former “Saturday Night Live” comedian who has written a host of other satirical books. But he was also forced to cancel a book event scheduled later in the summer with Kathy Griffin, the comedienne who came under fire this week after being depicted holding a fake beheaded likeness of President Donald Trump. Griffin has since apologized.

In addition to his book advance and his standard congressional salary, Franken also earns income through pensions from the Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of TV and Radio Artists, and the Producers-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan, according to the disclosure forms. Senators are required to submit paperwork detailing their personal finances — including non-congressional income, assets and liabilities — every year.


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