Will TRUMP go to Camp David this weekend? — PLAYBOOK INTERVIEW: Condoleezza Rice — NEW: POLITICO’s unauthorized White House logs – PAUL RYAN in NYC – SPENCER ACKERMAN to the Daily Beast — B’DAY: Mark Leibovich

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ALL QUIET AT 1600 — Today is the second day in a row Trump has had a very, very slimmed down public schedule. The White House says his only action item is a meeting with National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. He will also receive the presidential daily briefing. Yesterday, Trump met with McMaster, VP Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. WHAT WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS TELL US: The president planned to slow down after the 100-day blitz and before his trip overseas….

… TRUMP TO CAMP DAVID THIS WEEKEND? — The FAA put flight restrictions over Camp David for this weekend. This has happened before, and Trump didn’t head to the presidential retreat. But it is spring …

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THE UNAUTHORIZED WHITE HOUSE VISITOR LOGS — POLITICO KEEPS TRACK, SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO — “Who has Trump’s ear? Often rich, white, Republican men,” by Andrew Restuccia and Aiden Quigley: “The people who have met with Donald Trump since he became president tend to have a lot in common, according to a database POLITICO compiled from public documents, media accounts and its own reporting: They’re mostly male, largely Republican and often rich. Of the more than 1,200 people who have had direct access to the president as of Monday night, Trump has huddled with at least 270 business executives and nearly 350 politicians — mainly Republicans but also dozens of Democrats. And he’s met in person or spoken by phone with 47 world leaders, most often the leaders of Japan and Germany, plus a vast grab bag of other figures, from pro golfers to rocker Ted Nugent to Matt Drudge.” http://politi.co/2pWAeREPOLITICO’s exclusive database http://politi.co/2qWrw4f

— ANDREW RESTUCCIA, who covered Trump’s transition to power for POLITICO, emails and gives us the backstory behind the project: “The White House refuses to publicly release its visitor logs, so POLITICO created its own. Using pool reports, media accounts and our own sourcing in Trump World, a team of POLITICO reporters spent the last few weeks building a first-of-its kind database documenting as many of Trump’s public and private conversations, phone calls and meetings as possible. The result is a comprehensive deep-dive into the hundreds of people — often wealthy, white men — who have Trump’s ear. Who did we miss? We want to hear from you.” Send your tips to: trumpvisitors@politico.com

— “When CEOs Visit the White House, Their Companies Profit,” by Jeffrey R. Brown and Jiekun Huang in POLITICO Magazine: http://politi.co/2pZmmq9

BREAKING EARLY THIS MORNING — AP at 3:16 a.m. — “US seeks evidence of Haitian crimes as it weighs their stay,” by Alicia Caldwell: “The Trump administration is taking the unusual step of hunting for evidence of crimes committed by Haitian immigrants as it decides whether to allow them to continue participating in a humanitarian program that has shielded tens of thousands from deportation since an earthquake destroyed much of their country.

“The inquiries into the community’s criminal history were made in internal U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services emails obtained by The Associated Press. They show the agency’s newly appointed policy chief also wanted to know how many of the roughly 50,000 Haitians enrolled in the Temporary Protected Status program were taking advantage of public benefits, which they are not eligible to receive.” http://apne.ws/2pqp5oJ

TRAVEL BAN IN COURT: “Judges press Trump’s lawyer on intent of travel ban reboot,” by Josh Gerstein in Richmond, Virginia, and Nolan McCaskill in DC: “The two-hour-long, 4th Circuit argument — the first of two major appeals court tests for Trump’s executive order — indicated that Trump faces an uphill battle in trying to get his order back on track. Out of the 13 judges who heard the case in the unusual en banc court Monday, about three seemed hostile to the injunction, while a half a dozen or so signaled receptiveness to keeping it in place. The judges broke largely along party lines with Democratic appointees skeptical of Trump’s position and GOP nominees more receptive, although the 4th Circuit has some jurists whose party lineage is complex. … What was clear Monday is that Trump’s statements both during and after the campaign have severely complicated the legal defense of his order.” http://politi.co/2qWdf7E

PAUL RYAN in New York — POLITICO’S ELIZA SHAPIRO — “Paul Ryan to visit Success Academy school in Harlem”: House Speaker Paul Ryan is planning to visit a Success Academy charter school in New York City on Tuesday, sources with knowledge of the visit told POLITICO New York. Ryan’s visit will be the latest in a series of high-profile visits by Republicans to the city’s largest and most controversial charter network. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has visited Success Academy 1 in Harlem, and Ivanka Trump visited the same school shortly after the presidential election in November.” … Ryan is also on Fox and Friends at 7:30 a.m.

DELAYED — “White House advisers postpone Paris climate deal meeting,” by Andrew Restuccia: “A key meeting of White House advisers to discuss the Paris climate change agreement won’t happen Tuesday as planned. A source familiar with the issue told POLITICO late Monday night that the meeting has been postponed. A White House spokeswoman confirmed that the meeting is being rescheduled. It’s unclear when that will occur. It is the second time that a key meeting to discuss the Paris agreement has been delayed. Trump’s advisers remain divided over the accord, which won the backing of 195 nations in 2015. The president is expected to make a final decision on whether to withdraw sometime this month, perhaps as soon as this week.” http://politi.co/2pZbb0p

— NYT OP-ED — GEORGE SHULTZ and TED HALSTEAD: “The Business Case for the Paris Climate Accord”: “American business leaders understand that remaining in the agreement would spur new investment, strengthen American competitiveness, create jobs, ensure American access to global markets and help reduce future business risks associated with the changing climate. Leaving Paris would yield the opposite.” http://nyti.ms/2q1tHTX

HEALTH CARE STATE OF PLAY — “White House to let McConnell do his thing on health care,” by Burgess Everett and Josh Dawsey: “The White House is indicating it will take a hands-off approach to the Senate’s healthcare work, entrusting Mitch McConnell and his team to come up with the 50 votes needed to replace Obamacare, according to GOP officials and lawmakers. Whereas President Donald Trump and his emissaries negotiated legislation directly with House members, needled the House leadership on when to schedule votes and publicly surmised about the GOP’s whip counts in support of the bill, the White House seems to place more trust in McConnell. That’s in part because the Senate’s outsized characters and ambitious members do not enjoy being dictated to by the White House. …

“The president will have to be patient to get there. Republican sources on Monday said it could take until the August recess to figure out what can win the support 50 of the GOP’s 52 senators and pass muster with the Senate’s strict budgetary ‘reconciliation’ rules that allow Obamacare to be scaled back by a majority vote. Senators are likely to call for less severe Medicaid cuts and more generous tax credits for insurance markets, as well as to significantly alter the House’s attempts to give states waivers for some of Obamacare’s insurance requirements. All are politically charged matters that will take weeks to hash out.” http://politi.co/2pZbNDA

— “G.O.P. Enlists 13 Men, and Zero Women, on Health Bill,” by NYT’s Robert Pear: http://nyti.ms/2q1nuY1

— JUST SAYING: THE WHITE HOUSE doesn’t really have a choice here. Mitch McConnell will do what he wants either way. It’s better for the administration give him leeway at the front end. But Trump and his advisers are going to have to learn patience. One senior Hill aide said it might take up to a year for the Senate to move on health care. Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) told MSNBC yesterday that he doesn’t think Republicans will get around to passing a final bill until after the 2018 midterm elections. To say the Senate moves slowly is an understatement.

INFRASTRUCTURE SNAG — “Trump’s Public-Private Infrastructure Vision Rejected in Texas,” by Bloomberg’s Mark Niquette: “President Donald Trump’s plan to invest $1 trillion in U.S. infrastructure with the help of public-private partnerships has hit a speed bump in Texas. Wary of public opposition to new highway tolls, the Texas House voted on May 5 to reject a bill that would have allowed the partnerships, known as P3s, to participate in 18 highway projects costing as much as $30 billion. The defeat leaves the second most-populous U.S. state unable to tap into the partnerships to finance the infrastructure improvements, even as Trump is proposing to expand their use.” https://bloom.bg/2pZ1dME

CHOOSE YOUR NEWS — “White House advisors called Ottawa to urge Trudeau to help talk Trump down from scrapping NAFTA,” by the National Post’s John Ivison: “White House staff called the Prime Minister’s Office last month to urge Justin Trudeau to persuade President Donald Trump not to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to multiple Canadian government sources. The unconventional diplomatic manoeuvre — approaching the head of a foreign government to influence your own boss — proved decisive, as Trump thereafter abandoned his threat to pull out of NAFTA unilaterally, citing the arguments made by Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto as pivotal. But the incident highlights the difficulties faced by governments all over the world when it comes to dealing with a president as volatile as Trump.” http://bit.ly/2q1EPQW

— AP: “Kushner emerged as conduit for Canada on NAFTA talks,” by Julie Pace and Catherine Lucey: “On the day the White House threatened to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, emerged as a key conduit between the United States and Canada. But his role has sparked a cross-border game of telephone and conflicting accounts about who called who first. According to a White House official, aides to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called Kushner urgently on April 26 after seeing news reports that Trump was considering signing an executive order withdrawing from NAFTA. … Kushner told his Canadian counterpart that this was a matter the leaders needed to discuss themselves, according to the White House official. …

“But accounts of Kushner’s involvement differed Monday in Canadian media reports. According to The Canadian Press news agency, it was Kushner who first reached out to Trudeau’s chief of staff to suggest a call between the two leaders.” http://apne.ws/2qWxDFt

SIGN OF THE TIMES? — “Iowa congressman walks out of a TV interview and into an angry town hall meeting,” by WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe in Dubuque, Iowa: “An Iowa congressman walked out of a television interview on Monday, declining to explain why his staff is prescreening constituents who plan to attend his town hall meetings this week. A few hours later, Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) showed up at his town hall meeting where most of the prescreened audience screamed at him.

“It was a rough start to a recess week for Blum, a second-term lawmaker representing a swing district that voted narrowly for President Trump last year after supporting Barack Obama in 2012. Blum is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus who initially declined to support the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act but ultimately voted last week for the American Health Care Act.

“The way Blum struggled Monday night to explain his vote — through the loud boos of rowdy, impolite and infuriated constituents — is just a narrow sampling of the the growing concern and confusion caused by Republican plans to revamp the nation’s health-care system. But it indicates the difficult balancing act many Republican lawmakers from swing districts will need to strike as the complex debate continues in Washington.” http://wapo.st/2qMq339

— CHARLIE COOK: “Surf’s Up For a Wave Election: Political analysts are beginning to think the undertow could sweep away Republicans and give Democrats control of the House.” http://bit.ly/2qlAWcq

THE FAMILY — “The Kushner Project Touted in China Is in Trouble at Home,” by Bloomberg’s Caleb Melby and David Kocieniewski: “When Jared Kushner’s sister took the stage in two Chinese ballrooms over the weekend to urge investors to fund a New Jersey development through a controversial visa program, she mentioned her brother’s role in the White House and displayed a photo of President Donald Trump. .. What she didn’t mention was that the project has suffered a slew of problems: the exit of its anchor tenant, the loss of millions in tax breaks and a curdling political relationship with the mayor of its host city. The previously unreported exit by tenant WeWork — which is also expected to sell its stake in the project — as well as the mayor’s shift, add up to a sharp reversal of fortunes that led the family company to do what it has done before: seek Chinese investors.” https://bloom.bg/2pq9Fk0

THE U.S. IS STILL AT WAR — “U.S. poised to expand military effort against Taliban in Afghanistan,” by WaPo’s Missy Ryan and Greg Jaffe: “President Trump’s most senior military and foreign policy advisers have proposed a major shift in strategy in Afghanistan that would effectively put the United States back on a war footing with the Taliban. The new plan, which still needs the approval of the president, calls for expanding the U.S. military role as part of a broader effort to push an increasingly confident and resurgent Taliban back to the negotiating table … The new strategy, which has the backing of top Cabinet officials, would authorize the Pentagon, not the White House, to set troop numbers in Afghanistan and give the military far broader authority to use airstrikes to target Taliban militants. It would also lift Obama-era restrictions that limited the mobility of U.S. military advisers on the battlefield.” http://wapo.st/2q1qy6u


— IVANKA AND JARED dined at Iron Gate last night on N Street near Dupont Circle.

— THE OBAMA TRAVEL BEAT – The Daily Mail has it covered — “Barack Obama plays it cool as he jets into the home of fashion to give a climate change lecture: Ex- President wears an open-necked shirt and shades in Milan after desperate plea to save Obamacare” – 15 pics on one page http://dailym.ai/2pqGrlj

— FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: We told you last week that PATRIOT MAJORITY USA, a group aligned with House Majority PAC, would spend six figures beating up on Republicans who voted for the health-care bill. Here it is: The initial six-figure ad campaign targets Reps. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), Rod Blum (R-Iowa) and Bruce Poliquin (R-Maine) for supporting the GOP health care bill. “These members of Congress declared war on the millions of Americans who will lose their healthcare if this very reckless legislation ever actually becomes law. We and millions of other Americans are going to ensure this bill never becomes law,” said Ali Lapp, a House strategist advising the group. Video of the Maine ad http://bit.ly/2qlMBrK

— CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP FUND is up with its first TV ad in the Georgia six runoff hitting Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s significant number of out of state donors. The ad is part of the $6.5 million the group’s independent expenditure campaign in the race. The ad http://bit.ly/2pfnYg2

— LESTER HOLT will interview Trump Thursday. It will air on that evening’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” which Holt will anchor from D.C. and on Friday’s “Today” show.

SPORTS BLINK — THE MOST EXCITING DAYS IN D.C. SPORTS — Caps head to a decisive game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. at Verizon Center … Wizards play the Celtics in Boston in game 5 tomorrow night at 8 p.m. That series is tied 2-2 … The Nationals are one of the top teams in baseball.

THE NEW GAME IS THE OLD GAME — “Left adopts shock tactics in Obamacare repeal fight,” by Ken Vogel and Kyle Cheney: “One newly formed progressive super PAC is planning to cart caskets to Republican lawmakers’ districts and hold mock funerals for their constituents. Another activist is encouraging protesters to ship their own ashes — should they die without health care —to GOP lawmakers. … Indivisible, the group of activists that have flooded Republican town hall events to protest the proposed Obamacare repeal bill, is also planning to stage ‘die-ins’ at the offices of lawmakers who supported the GOP health care bill.” http://politi.co/2puBFUC

WHAT STEVEN MNUCHIN AND GARY COHN ARE READING — “Goldman Sachs Makes Biggest Investment-Bank Leadership Changes in Decade,” by WSJ’s Liz Hoffman: http://on.wsj.com/2qMfGws


Condoleezza Rice made headlines last October when the former secretary of state and national security adviser called on Trump to drop out of the presidential race in a post on her Facebook page: “Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw.” Now she’s singing a different tune and saying she came away impressed with Trump when she met with him over a month ago in the Oval Office. She told Playbook that she “found him engaging, I found him on top of his brief, and I found him asking really good questions.” Rice is on a book tour to promote her new book, “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom,” out today ($22.75 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2qWOrwq).

More excerpts:

TOP NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERN IS NORTH KOREA: “North Korea keeps me up at night. Well it doesn’t keep me up at night anymore but if you were in those positions, it would keep you up at night. Because the North Koreans have made a lot of progress in their programs. … The other thing that concerns me is I want to make sure that we stay engaged in the world because the world without deep and consistent and sustained American engagement turns out to be not a very attractive place. And I know that Americans are feeling sometimes tired of the leadership but there just isn’t an alternative and if there’s anything that keeps me up at night is if we give a signal of withdrawal in any way.”

TRUMP’S PLAN TO MEET WITH KIM WAS AN ‘OVERSTATEMENT’: “Well look, I thought it was a bit of an overstatement. The fact of the matter is he’s not going to meet with the North Korean leader unless conditions are right. And for conditions to be right we are a very, very, very long way from where conditions would be right. When North Korea is ready to deal seriously with its nuclear weapons programs and stop threatening the world, then maybe that’s on the agenda. But it’s not on the agenda now.”

REX TILLERSON IS ‘DOING VERY WELL’: “I think it’s a really good national security team … Oil people know the world know like nobody else. … He seems to have a really good relationship with the president, with other members of the national security team, and he’s taken the lead on some very difficult issues like for instance on Syria and the Russians and I think he’s demonstrating a great toughness about it.”

OPEN STATE JOBS ‘NEED TO BE FILLED’: “I think the department itself could always use reform. … So maybe there’s work to be done to make the department more efficient and Rex is a good person to do that. As to the positions that are unfilled, yes they need to be filled. But they also have a particular problem in that the pool wasn’t the pool you would normally have for an administration coming in [because of] the nature of the campaign and what people did and said during the campaign. … It’s taking a little time. I don’t want people to have the view that Rex Tillerson is sort of home alone. He’s got very good foreign service officers at this point.”

DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CALIFORNIA AND D.C.: “I find Washington very focused on itself. I can tell you that in California a conversation is very much different. Who’s produced the latest innovation and what’s going to be the ideal value of that innovation and it’s just a very different conversation about technology. When we have driverless cars — is Washington going to get in the way of that? — is a concern of lot of people.”

HOLLYWOODLAND — “Steve Bannon’s Former Hollywood Partner Breaks Silence: ‘He’s Not a Racist’ (Q&A),” by The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul Bond — The Firm founder Jeff Kwatinetz said in an interview: “Steve has great character. He’s not a racist or anti-Semitic. Things like that are absurd. … He’s a good friend and an incredibly hard worker. He has beliefs and stands by them. Those beliefs aren’t based on racism, they’re based on what he honestly believes is best for the world. Do I agree with all of them? No. He was a Bush and a [Donald] Rumsfeld supporter, I was a Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporter. But not being a liberal doesn’t mean you’re a racist.” http://bit.ly/2qWfqrS

OFF MESSAGE PODCAST: Actress and Activist Sophia Bush is regularly weighing in on the headlines of the day and championing the Women’s Equality agenda. In the latest Off Message, Bush, who attended the Women’s March on Washington the day after President Trump’s inauguration, shared her frustration over inequality in health care, telling Isaac Dovere, “It’s like, I want to walk into Congress and raise my hand and go, ‘Hey, bros, if I’m expected to pay for your Viagra, you sure as s#!t are going to pay for my mammograms.’” http://politi.co/2qMUpCwListen and subscribe http://apple.co/2nEa7y0

THE STORY THAT WON’T GO AWAY — “Flynn’s White House influence is outliving his short tenure,” by Eliana Johnson, Tara Palmeri, and Bryan Bender: “He’s been out of the White House for 84 days, but President Donald Trump can’t stop thinking about former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The president, who fired Flynn in February, nevertheless remains deeply loyal to him. … Trump’s continuing loyalty has given Flynn a lingering influence over policy in the White House, where staffers initially hired by Flynn, including his deputy K.T. McFarland, remain on the National Security Council and in other positions. Senior administration officials, including chief strategist Steve Bannon, also remain loyal to Flynn and have worked to undermine his successor, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, according to several people familiar with the situation.” http://politi.co/2qN9X9H

TRUMP REACTS TO YATES/CLAPPER HEARING– @realDonaldTrump at 6:41 p.m.: “Director Clapper reiterated what everybody, including the fake media already knows- there is ‘no evidence’ of collusion w/ Russia and Trump.” … at 6:43 p.m.: “Sally Yates made the fake media extremely unhappy today — she said nothing but old news!” … at 6:46 p.m.: “The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?” … at 6:50 p.m.: “Biggest story today between Clapper & Yates is on surveillance. Why doesn’t the media report on this? #FakeNews!?

MEDIAWATCH — “Nicolle Wallace Gets Ready to Launch ‘Deadline: White House’ on MSNBC,” by Variety’s Brian Steinberg: “Her new MSNBC program, to be called ‘Deadline: White House,’ debuts Tuesday at 4 p.m., which may take some viewers by surprise. MSNBC had not publicly unveiled the name of the show or its start date, though the NBCUniversal-owned news outlet had already informed cable and satellite operators, who have the show and its title listed in interactive on-screen programming guides.” http://bit.ly/2qMI4hH

HOT VIDEO — RUPERT MURDOCH got ambushed in New York by the BBC media editor Amol Rajan outside 1211 Sixth Avenue — per Joe Pompeo’s Morning Media: “‘Nothing’s happening at Fox News,’ Murdoch insisted. ‘Fox News is getting record ratings, and so I’m not worried at all.’ Nothing? Really? ‘Nothing. … So, goodbye.’” 100-second video http://bbc.in/2puoMK9

— SPENCER ACKERMAN to The Daily Beast — per Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources newsletter: “Spencer Ackerman, who turned heads when he left Guardian US last week, is moving over to The Daily Beast. He’ll be senior national security correspondent for the news organization… covering homeland security, counterterrorism, intel and more… and reuniting with his former colleague Noah Schachtman, who’s now the Beast’s exec editor.”

— NICK BILTON’S NEW PODCAST — Vanity Fair’s Hive has announced “Inside the Hive,” a new podcast hosted by VF special correspondent Nick Bilton. The first episode, launching next week, will feature Bilton talking to Bob Iger, chairman and C.E.O of The Walt Disney Company. Other future confirmed guests include: Dick Costolo, Ann Coulter, Maureen Dowd, New Robby Mook, Conan O’Brien, and Jonah Peretti. Subscribe http://apple.co/2ptRpY8

THE NEW GILDED AGE – “How Homeownership Became the Engine of American Inequality: An enormous entitlement in the tax code props up home prices — and overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy and the upper middle class,” by Matthew Desmond in the NYT Magazine: “Almost a decade removed from the foreclosure crisis that began in 2008, the nation is facing one of the worst affordable-housing shortages in generations. … Because of rising housing costs and stagnant wages, slightly more than half of all poor renting families in the country spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing costs, and at least one in four spends more than 70 percent. Yet America’s national housing policy gives affluent homeowners large benefits; middle-class homeowners, smaller benefits; and most renters, who are disproportionately poor, nothing. It is difficult to think of another social policy that more successfully multiplies America’s inequality in such a sweeping fashion.” http://nyti.ms/2pX6mEF


SPOTTED: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on a Delta flight from Atlanta to DCA Monday night shaking hands and sitting in coach. A fan asked to take a picture with him and he snapped “Not right now!” per our tipster.

TRANSITIONS — Brian McGuire, most recently chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), has been hired by Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck to be policy director. He will register as a lobbyist and also work on communications. Bob Barnett and Deneen Howell at Williams and Connolly helped with his search. http://wapo.st/2pX3dEOAlan Zibel is joining Public Citizen as the research director for the Corporate Presidency campaign where he will work on efforts to monitor the conflicts of interests and corporate ties for both President Trump and the administration. Zibel worked at the Wall Street Journal for four years and previously at the AP and several local papers.

… Jennifer Molina has joined the California Department of Justice and will serve as press secretary in Los Angeles. Prior to the attorney general’s office, she worked as the constituency media director in Nevada for the Hillary Clinton campaign and previously ran state and ethnic media for the Center for American Progress.

–“Conservation International Names M. Sanjayan Chief Executive Officer; Jennifer Morris Named President; Sebastian Troëng Named Executive Vice President” http://prn.to/2qMyTxS

WELCOME TO THE WORLD – Alyson Scott, producer for “Kilmeade & Friends” and Brian Kilmeade’s coordinating producer, and Andy Scott, CPA and principal for PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP, welcomed Richard Mansfield Scott, who entered the world at 11:36 a.m. last Thursday weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces. He is named after her dad who was a pediatrician in West New York, N.J. for more than 50 years. Pics http://bit.ly/2pfBArShttp://bit.ly/2qWZoxS

OUT AND ABOUT – Pool report: “On Monday, White House History, the quarterly journal of the White House Historical Association, paid a visit to Off the Record at the Hay Adams with Matt Wuerker of Politico, Ann Telnaes of the Washington Post, and Kevin Kallaugher of the Economist. The three cartoonists met to celebrate the forthcoming article, ‘On the Record with Off the Record’s Cartoonists,’ by Mike Rhode, that will feature their work, which is displayed in the famous Washington hideaway. The article will appear in issue 48 of White House History slated for release in winter 2018. Also featured will be a retrospective by Pat Oliphant, and articles on the work of Herblock, Clifford Berryman, and Thomas Nast, as well as a piece on nineteenth-century political cartoons and the Globe.” Subscribe http://bit.ly/2pqvLTC

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Mark Leibovich, chief national correspondent at the New York Times Magazine and author of “This Town,” is 52. How he got his start in journalism: “By accident. I was an English major and needed a job. The editor of a weekly newspaper in Boston, the Phoenix, hired me to answer his phones, sort his mail, pick up his dry-cleaning, etc. And suddenly I was going to work with reporters every day, and osmosis took over.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A: : http://politi.co/2pfIrl9

BIRTHDAYS: Virginia White, known universally as “Miss White,” is 95 (Texas tips: Robert and Elena) … EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is 49 … Laura Capps … Commerce alum Theo LeCompte is 38 … Dana Perino, Fox News contributor and co-host of “The Five” … David Gergen … Huffington Post is 12 … Third Way president Jon Cowan … John Ashcroft, founder and chairman of The Ashcroft Law Firm … Joel Kaplan, VP for U.S. public policy at Facebook, a Harvard grad and Bush 43 WH alum, is 48 … Kent Knutson, VP of gov’t relations for The Home Depot, is 5-0 (h/ts Heather Podesta and Katie Packer) … Steven Richman, general counsel for NYC’s Board of Elections … Politico’s Victoria Guida and Mary Towey … Gregg Keller … Portland’s pre-eminent power couple, Jeremy Kennedy and Maine State Rep. Matt Moonen … Olya Moskalenko … WSJ China reporter Eva Dou … Fabion Seaton, Dem press secretary for OGR …

… Ezra Klein, founder of Vox.com, is 33 … Nicholas Jackson, EIC of Pacific Standard (h/t Ted Scheinman) … Nihal Krishan, the pride of Singapore and GCR reporter, is 25 – he’s celebrating with a party at the big round table at Sichuan Pavilion tonight (h/ts Yasmin, Shrikant and Ishan) … Danielle Friedman, COS to Marc Elias and associate at Perkins Coie, celebrating over tacos and margaritas (h/t Lauren Passalacqua) … Sam Fox, owner of St. Louis-based Harbour Group Industries, is 88 (h/t Jewish Insider) … David Perera … Chris Ullman, the bow-tie wearing whistling world champ and managing director and director of global comms. for Carlyle … Gregory Whitten … Lauren Decot … Melanie Hastings … Conor Lynch of Rubrik … McClatchy’s Greg Gordon … Parker Poling, COS to the chief deputy whip of the House … Reeve Hamilton … Kevin Shuvalov … Joe Mohorovic … Virginia Dent … Jack Peterson … Daily Beast senior editor Justin Miller … Matt Hessburg … Rick Boxer … Jill Hassenfelt … Peter Drummond (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … Ian Osborne … Nikki Thomas Richards … Stu Sandler … Brian Sowa … Candice Bergen is 71 … Billy Joel is 68 … Rosario Dawson is 38 … actress Grace Gummer is 31 (h/ts AP)


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