Corporations wrote big checks for Trump’s inauguration

President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee far outpaced his predecessors in fundraising, raking in a record $106.7 million from a range of donors, including a number of major corporations.

According to a Federal Election Commission filing submitted on Tuesday, Trump’s committee, helmed by private equity titan Tom Barrack, raised roughly twice the amount of former President Barack Obama’s first inauguration, which hauled in $53 million.

Trump’s inauguration proved to be heavily controversial, with photos and Metro ridership data showing that the president drew fewer attendees than Obama’s ceremonies, despite the White House’s claims that Trump’s inauguration had record crowds.

Still, Trump managed to draw big checks, including from corporations, as well as hundreds of smaller donations.

Among the major businesses that cut checks for Trump are:

* Citgo Petroleum Corp – $500,000

* Chiquita Brands – $100,000

* Chevron Products Company – $25,000

* Pepsi – $250,000

* Google – $250,000

* Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling – $25,000

* Quicken Loans – $750,000

* Metlife – $100,000

* UPS – $250,000

* Anthem Inc. – $100,000

* Microsoft – $500,000

* Ford – $250,000

* Boeing – $1 million

The inaugural committee also raised significant money from Trump’s associates and longtime friends. Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s Kraft Group contributed $1 million, while Blackstone CEO and outside adviser Steve Schwarzman gave $250,000, according to the filing.

Barrack said in a statement on Tuesday that the fundraising created an “incredible moment” in history.

“The amount of funds raised for the inaugural celebration allowed the president to give the American people, those both at home and visiting Washington, a chance to experience the incredible moment in our democracy where we witness the peaceful transition of power, a cornerstone of American democracy,” Barrack said.

Organizers also said unspent funds would be donated in the future to charity, without providing specifics.


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