Former Trump aide Epshteyn joins Sinclair

Boris Epshteyn, a White House aide who oversaw President Donald Trump’s television surrogate operation, has joined Sinclair Broadcast Group as chief political analyst, the company said Monday.

As a special assistant to the president, Epshteyn managed the TV appearances of White House officials and appeared as an on-air spokesman himself. But the combative talking head was rumored last month to be leaving the administration.

POLITICO reported in March that Epshteyn threatened to pull all West Wing officials from appearing on Fox News earlier this year after getting into a yelling match with a TV booker.

Sinclair, which owns more than 170 TV stations across the country, said Epshteyn will provide analysis on major political stories.

"Over a year ago, we made a commitment to provide additional political content that goes beyond the podium to provide a true point of difference with additional context," Scott Livingston, vice president of news for Sinclair Television Group, said in a statement. "We understand the frustration with government and traditional institutions. Mr. Epshteyn brings a unique perspective to the political conversation and will play a pivotal role in our mission to dissect the stories in the headlines and to better inform and empower our viewers."

POLITICO in December reported that Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, told business executives the campaign had struck a deal with Sinclair for better media coverage. Sinclair disputed the characterization, saying it was an arrangement for extended sit-down interviews that was offered to both candidates.


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